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Antifluorescein-HRP (NEF710) and Antifluorescein-AP (NEF709) are high sensitivity detector antibodies. Both conjugates exhibit negligible non-specific binding giving them excellent performance characteristics. The reagents, sheep polyclonal antibodies conjugated to either horseradish peroxidase or alkaline phosphatase, recognize FITC and 5,6-carboxyfluorescein labeled proteins applicable to Western blots, ELlSAs and immunohistochemistry. The antibodies also recognize nucleic acids labeled with Fluorescein-N4/N6 nucleotide analogs applicable to Southern and/or Northern blots and colony/plaque screens.

When used in homologous DNA dot/slot hybridizations with a Fluorescein N6 labeled DNA probe, as little as 100 femtograms of nucleic acid are detectable with NEN Renaissance® Nucleic Acid Chemiluminescence Reagent (NEL201, NEL202) in 2 hours or NEN Renaissance® CDP Star Nucleic Acid Chemiluminescence Reagent (NEL601 ) in 5-10 minutes.

Each pack contains two 275 µL vials of antifluorescein-AP. Please refer to the certificate of analysis for working concentration information.



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